Prolaris® is a prognostic test,
developed to assess the aggressiveness
of prostate cancer, by measuring the intensity of tumor cell replication in the prostate tissue.
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New data published in the Journal of Urology:
Prolaris® accurately predicts both biochemical recurrence and progression to metastatic disease following radical prostate surgery using pre-surgical biopsy specimens.

Revealing Prostate Cancer’s True Nature

Optimal management of clinically localized prostate cancer presents a unique challenge to physicians and patients, because it is a highly variable and often slow growing, nonaggressive cancer. Prolaris® was developed to aid physicians in predicting disease aggressiveness in conjunction with clinical parameters such as Gleason score and PSA. Prolaris measures the expression level of genes involved with tumor proliferation to predict disease outcome.

Prolaris provides unique additional information about a patient’s prognosis and may be used with other clinical factors in helping the healthcare provider make treatment recommendations.